About Our Services

Drainage & Erosion Control

Because roofs and awnings do not absorb water, runoff from structures should also be a part of your landscape master plan.

Service Description

  • Supplement your irrigation by designing or redirecting roof gutter flow into planted box areas or other drainage-designed landscape plants.
  • Set up barrels to collect rainwater; to be used for your landscape water needs.


Rain Gardens

Rain GardensRain gardens are small-scale bioretention systems that be can be used as landscape features and stormwater management systems for homes, townhouse units, and some small commercial development.

Service Description

  • Integrate rain garden into the stormwater management system
  • Optimize components to maximize depression storage, pretreatment of the stormwater runoff, promote evapotranspiration, and facilitate groundwater recharge.


Rainwater Harvesting

To make better use of the high levels of rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, consider accumulating and storing your rainwater for use in your yard and home.

Service Description

  • Design and install Rainwater harvesting systems that channel rainwater that falls on to a roof into storage through a system of gutters and pipes.
  • Ensure Roof gutters have sufficient incline to avoid standing water.
  • Properly cover storage tanks to prevent mosquito breeding, reduce contamination and algal growth.
  • Services to maintain and clean to keep the system hygienic.



DrywellsA drywell is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, such as stormwater runoff, by dissipating it into the ground, where it merges with the local groundwater.

Service Description

  • Create a dry well which can consist of a pit filled with gravel, rubble, or other debris.
  • For more advanced dry wells, SRG will installs reinforced concrete cylinder with perforated sides and bottom. These dry wells are usually buried completely, so that they do not take up any land area.


Stormwater Vaults

A wet vault is a subterranean structure designed to provide temporary and permanent storage for stormwater runoff from a specific storm event.

Service Description

  • Provide consultation on design and installation plan for Vault project


Downspout Disconnect

Downspout disconnectDisconnecting your downspouts is a more natural way to manage roof runoff because it allows water to soak into the ground as plants and soils filter pollutants.

Service Description

  • Coordinate downspouts to be disconnected and diverted from the sewer system.
  • Allow roof water to drain to a redirected area such as lawns and gardens.
  • Incorporate exterior design with decorative runoff options.